Undecidability Static Code Analysis WebinarUndecidability in Static Code Analysis – this webinar discusses the principles behind undecidability, how it affects static analysis and the mechanisms to deal with undecidability. Presented by our Senior Software Engineer at and member of the MISRA C Working Group, Fulvio Baccaglini, Sep. 2015.PRQApips_longpips2
Achieving EN 50128 WebinarAchieving EN 50128 Compliance – this webinar explores how EN 50128 compares with other process standards (such as ISO 26262 and IEC 61508), identifies the areas where these standards adopt a similar approach and where (and the underlying logic as to why) they differ.  It also looks at how PRQA’s tools help to comply with EN 50128 and describes how Lyon Metro successfully implemented sensors across all platforms for their driverless trains.  Presented by Martin Heininger and Jill Britton,  Jun. 2015.PRQApips_longpips2
Developing High Quality Software
Developing High Quality Software: in theory & in practice – this webinar starts with identifying some of the main abstract areas to consider when developing high quality software and then demonstrates the real deployment of these. Presented by Silvano Sogus and Niall Cooling, Jun. 2015
ROI for static analysis webinar
RoI: a business case for static analysis – this webinar identifies and explores key factors which have a material impact on the RoI and examines the analysis from an opensource project and uses this to demonstrate the potential financial impact. Presented by Silvano Sogus, Dec. 2014
Functional Safety by PRQA
Safe Software in Aerospace and Defense – this webinar outlines the key processes and coding standards/best practice adopted by aerospace & defense companies. It describes the role of coding standards/best practice in generating deterministic software, how to determine a verification tool’s effectiveness and gives some specific examples where safety has been compromised when errors were not detected. Presented by Silvano Sogus, Oct. 2014
Introduction to MISRA
An introduction to MISRA C:2012 – An overview of the key changes in MISRA C:2012, including the new classifications and the real meaning of compliance. Presented by our representative on the MISRA C Working Group; and one of the co-authors of the new MISRA coding guidelines, Paul Burden, Mar. 2013
Continuous Code Integration
Continuous Integration – the philosophy & the facts – An overview of the Continuous Integration philosophy that is increasingly being adopted in a build environment, and the benefits of combining static analysis and Continuous Integration. Presented by Jason Masters and Lars Kruse, Nov. 2012
Continuous Code Inspection
Continuous Code Inspection – Advancing Software Quality At Source – An overview of how the practice of Continuous Code Inspection can help detect and fix defects at the earliest stage in the development process, resulting in higher integrity code, quicker delivery and lower cost. Presented by Andrew Marchand, Oct. 2012
Software development for safety critical environment
Software Development For Safety-Critical Environments, How Safe Are You? – An overview of the key differences and implications in approach for standards such as ISO 26262, IEC 61508 and DO-178B/C and the role of static analysis and coding standards within these processes. Presented by Dr Rachel Gartshore, Aug. 2012
Software quality management
A Pragmatic Approach to Software Quality Management – A guide to managing software quality, dealing with different project builds, documenting deviations from coding standards and introduction of quality metrics. Presented by Fergus Bolger, CTO Programming Research, Feb. 2012.
Coding Standards
An Overview of Coding Standards – An explanation of the characteristics of good coding standards and discussion of the most frequently used standards. Presented by our representative on the MISRA C standing committee, Paul Burden, Dec. 2011


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