Return on Investment for Static Analysis Tools: a Business Case

Simple Return on Investment Calculator

We have devised a savings calculator which provides a basic return on investment calculation based on your number of lines of code, your approach for this code - are you MISRA compliant, or only use a subset of the language ? Do you have legacy code to handle? - as well as the loaded cost for one of your developer/engineer. The return on investment is demonstrating the savings made by deploying the PRQA static analysis solutions.


RoI Calculator

Total number of lines of code written per year
Your intentions / approach for this code:
a) only addressing high severity / critical defects %
b) code needs to comply with a key subset of coding standard rules %
c) code needs to be fully compliant to robust coding standard %
Total % (must add up to 100)
Avg fully loaded cost per developer per year (in US $)



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Download our whitepaper

Download our white paper about the key metrics for determining your RoI, or contact us if you wish to have a more detailed return on investment calculated on your own code base.

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