Detect, prevent defects and ensure compliance for C# code

QA∙C# will work under the same runtime framework as QA∙C and QA∙C++. This gives consistency of use across languages. Common result formats means that data from all the tools is handled seamlessly by all downstream components such as the QA∙Verify results analysis and distribution tool.

Just like QA·C++, QA·C# is designed for engineers to use at the coding phase of a project to ensure the development of high integrity code. QA·C# can be used to detect and prevent defects and ensure compliance to coding standards, on existing or new code at any stage of the development process. It is fast, non-disruptive, easy-to-use, and adds value to any size development environment.

QA·C# detects and reports on reliability problems, maintainability issues and coding standard violations quickly and efficiently. By adhering to the “early & often” philosophy, software defects are identified at creation resulting in simplified development lifecycle and reduced costs and cycle time. QA·C# provides an efficient, robust, and fully automated environment to introduce and enforce coding standards.



  • Analyzes Modern C# language features
  • Identifies coding defects at the earliest possible stage in the development cycle
  • Improves code reliability, maintainability, portability, re-usability and testability
  • Provides an efficient, robust, fully automated environment to introduce and enforce custom coding standards
  • Incorporates advanced message suppression
  • Diagnostics, configurable metric thresholds to limit code complexity
  • Automated code inspection provides instant, objective, repeatable code audits
  • Accelerates and refocuses the code review process and improves teamwork
  • QA·C#’s powerful GUI delivers a contextual drill-down environment linked to a deep knowledge base. QA·C# explains why problems it discovers need to be corrected and then provides detailed examples of how to fix them



Current release: QA·C# 1.1


Key product features

  • Visual Studio Integration
  • Uses “Roslyn” .NET Compiler Platform
  • Comment Based Message Suppression
  • Non-Intrusive Message Suppression
  • Suppression of Baselined Messages and Auditing
  • No Limit on Project Size or SLOC

Supported Platforms

  • Windows 7 (32 & 64-bit)

Deployment Options

  • New Cross Platform GUI
  • Command Line
  • Tightly Integrated with Microsoft Visual Studio™ 2010, 2012 and 2013
  • Continuous Integration Environments (e.g. Jenkins™)

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