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Quality Management System for Industrial-Scale Software Projects

QA·Verify combines the analysis strength and depth of QA·C and QA·C++ with team-sharing collaboration and broader quality management concepts, extending the functionality of language analysis and also extending the audience beyond the traditional core of developers and quality professionals to encompass other key stakeholders, such as development leads, architects, project managers, senior management and even external customers and suppliers.

QA·Verify’s client-server architecture and web-based interface complements our developer desktop deployments, adding role-based views of project quality from ground level to tree-top.


  • Share software quality data across key stakeholders; developers, quality professionals, development leads and senior managers
  • Perform collaborative code inspections with recorded actions and comments
  • Verify compliance to coding standards
  • Notify developers automatically on new diagnostics raised from their latest code changes
  • Deliver meaningful software quality metrics via management dashboard
  • Increase visibility, reduce risk and improve predictability of outcomes (quality, schedule and cost)
  • Deviate from specific coding rules using a pragmatic, transparent and traceable mechanism
  • Differentiate between legacy and new code and apply different compliance criteria to each
  • Drill-down from project summary to detailed code diagnostics and metrics
  • Prevent and detect code defects


Current release: QA·Verify 2.1


Installation contents

  • Self-contained web-server with internal SQL database
  • HTTP and HTTPS connections supported
  • Graphical User Interfaces for project configuration and upload
  • Command-level integration for automated build environment project upload
  • Windows, Linux or Solaris 64-bit server platforms supported (compatible to any build platform)
  • Installation requires 135MB excluding project databases

Web browser client

  • Windows Internet Explorer 11 (all service updates)
  • Mozilla Firefox (recommend latest update)
  • Google Chrome (recommend latest update)


  • Version Control Systems: CVS, Subversion, Perforce, Clearcase, PVCS/Serena, MKS, Synergy, Accurev,
    Team Foundation Server, Git and Mercurial (others available on request)
  • Build environments: make targets, Jenkins (others available on request)
  • Hooks supplied for Issue Tracking System integration of annotation actions
  • Annotations integrated with Jira Issue Tracking System (others available on request)


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