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Coding Standards Compliance Modules

Unfortunately, the decision to adopt coding guidelines is frequently undermined by the practical difficulties inherent in enforcing such a policy. Many companies invest considerable effort compiling a set of coding guidelines only to find that the resulting document subsequently gathers dust on a shelf.

MISRA, JSF and other similar coding guidelines recognize the fact that effective enforcement of coding rules can rarely be achieved by traditional manual code reviews, which are hugely time consuming and not always reliable. PRQA therefore provides of the following compliance modules (which are used in conjunction with QA·C, QA·C++ and/or QA·Verify), to help to enforce specific coding standards,

Other coding standards such as CERT C are supported without the need for a specific coding standards compliance module. PRQA also has more than 25 years experience creating customer specific compliance modules for companies who want to adopt customized in-house / internal coding rules.