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High Integrity C++

Download Version 4.0, the latest revision of the High Integrity C++ Coding Standard. Created by PRQA | Programming Research, High Integrity C++ defines a set of rules and best practices for the production of high quality C++ code.

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Coding-Standard-HIC++High Integrity C++ was initially published in 2003. The new version of HIC++ consolidates or retires a number of original rules, provides extensive examples and adds rules related to C++11 features. As of its 10th anniversary on 3rd October 2013 HIC++ has now been downloaded more than 24,000 times from our coding standard website.

““Congratulations on creating a great C++ standard! The first viable coding standard that incorporates advice on C++11!””
Tobias Furuholm, Senior Specialist Software Platforms, Atlas Copco

The guiding principles of this standard are maintenance, portability, readability and safety.

This standard adopts the view that restrictions should be placed on the ISO C++ language standard in order to limit the flexibility it allows. This approach has the effect of minimizing problems created either by compiler diversity, different programming styles, or dangerous/confusing aspects of the language. Different compilers may implement only a subset of the ISO C++ standard or interpret its meaning in subtly different ways that can lead to porting and semantic errors. Without applying good standards and coding best practices, programmers may write code that is prone to bugs and/or difficult for colleagues to pick up and maintain.


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By Richard Corden, October 2014

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